Patch Tuesday March, beware Windows 11 disk issues

Microsoft was released a cumulative update for Windows 11 last week which included the usual list of security updates for the operating system, but also new features.
After the update, however, some Windows 11 users report that the installation had a severe impact on the performance of their drives.

win 11 ssd

According to one user, who posted his findings on Reddit, read and write speeds of an NVME SSD were halved after installing the update. After installing the update, it went from 7000 benchmark points to 3000.

When the user removed the new update and installed the previous version, the disk performance returned to previous levels.

An image from the benchmarks he performed another user (CrystalDiskMark) before and after installing the Windows update shows that read performance remained about the same, but write performance dropped significantly on the user's device.

A third Reported that the boot time of the device more than doubled after installing the latest Windows update. Boot time went from 14 seconds to 31 seconds.

All three users have NVME drives, which may be a first indication of where the problem is occurring. It's not yet known how widespread this is, but affected Windows 11 users should uninstall the Windows update to see if that fixes their issue.

Uninstalling of course comes with the downside that security issues remain since they are not fixed. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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Patch Tuesday, Windows 11

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