Patch Tuesday May: tomorrow with aggregated updates

Microsoft is preparing to release the Cumulative Updates May 2019 for Windows 10, as part of the monthly Patch Tuesday.

So tomorrow all versions of Windows 10 (but also other Microsoft products) will be able to receive these updates for the month of May. The updates as you may know contain many improvements s, as Microsoft uses the Patch Tuesday cycle to patch vulnerabilities in its products.
Patch Tuesday

In addition, some non-security bug fixes are included to improve Windows 10 performance.

Of course, later this month, Microsoft is expected to make the new one available to everyone features of Windows 10 called May 2019 or version 1903. The updated version is currently being tested at release preview ring of Windows Insider.

This update will take place gradually, and some devices will get it earlier than anyone else.

Microsoft says this approach is necessary to avoid too many problems, since if you think about it, the first devices continue to test the operating, while the company continues to solve the problems presented.

The cumulative updates now, have at times caused too many problems in the finals . So if you're thinking of updating tomorrow with the May 4 cumulative updates as part of the monthly Patch Tuesday, you'd better wait a few days. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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