Patch Tuesday November fixes 112 security vulnerabilities

Microsoft was released today the monthly security updates under the standard Patch Tuesday. This month, the company fixed 112 security vulnerabilities in many products, from Microsoft Edge to Windows WalletService.

This month's updates also include a fix for a Windows 0day online.

This 0day (CVE-2020-17087) was revealed on October 30 by the security teams of Google Project Zero and TAG. Google said the vulnerability was already being exploited and used alongside a 0day Chrome zero-day to target Windows 7 and Windows 10 users.

According to Microsoft Security Communication for CVE-2020-17087, 0day is located in the Windows kernel and affects all supported versions of the Windows operating system. That is, all versions after Windows 7 as well as all versions of Windows Server.

But in addition to Windows zero-day, the company fixed 111 other vulnerabilities. Among them are 24 security vulnerabilities that allow remote code execution (RCE) attacks on applications such as Excel, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows Network File System, Windows GDI +, Windows printing spooler service and Microsoft Teams.

Of course as always it is recommended to update your system immediately.

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