Patch Tuesday September 2021 fixes 2 0day

Microsoft was released today the standard Patch Tuesday for September 2021. The company fixed (or so it claims) two zero day and 60 other errors.

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In today's update, the three errors are classified as critical, there is one that is classified as moderate and 56 as significant.

Out of a total of 86 vulnerabilities (including Microsoft Edge fixes) we have:

27 Errors Leading to Elevation of Privilege
2 Vulnerabilities to bypass security features
16 Remote code execution vulnerabilities
11 Vulnerabilities for information disclosure
1 Denial of service vulnerabilities
8 Spoofing vulnerabilities

Microsoft has released a security update for remote code execution vulnerabilities via Windows MSHTML, which is monitored in CVE-2021-40444.

Last Tuesday, Microsoft has revealed that this vulnerability in Windows MSHTML is already used on the internet in phishing attacks.

These attacks come with malicious Word documents that can download and run a malicious DLL file on the victim's computer.

This file allows the attacker to gain remote access to the victim's device to steal files and spread across the network.

Immediately after Microsoft revealed the vulnerability, too many security people started sharing vulnerability drivers, which now allows anyone to launch attacks, as shown below.

CVE-2021-36968 - Windows DNS Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

CVE-2021-40444 - Microsoft MSHTML Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

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