Patch Tuesday June fixes total 94 vulnerabilities

Updates released yesterday by Microsoft at Patch Tuesday, June, corrected 94's overall security vulnerabilities in the company's software.

As we mentioned today, Microsoft was also released three updates for Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. This is the second time the company has updated its operating systems since April of 2014, which has stopped supporting them.Patch Tuesday

The company also repaired a new vulnerability that affects all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. The CVE-2017-8543 already known by attackers, allows them to gain full control over a system through SMB in the Windows search service.

Vulnerability has also been repaired CVE-2017-8464, which allows attackers to take control of a system, as well as the CVE-2017-8527, a vulnerability in Windows graphic font engine that can exploit with a malicious font file.

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, the two browsers in Windows 10, were also updated with many patches for a series of vulnerabilities with the Patch Tuesday released yesterday: CVE-2017-8498, CVE-2017-8530, and CVE- 2017-8523. These security flaws have already been released, but Microsoft says it does not know any attacks that attempt to exploit them.

Overall, today's products are Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Windows (all versions, including Windows XP), Microsoft Office and Web applications, Silverlight, Skype for Business, Lync, and Adobe Flash Player as part of browsers.

From 94 vulnerabilities corrected by Microsoft this month, at least 27 of them has remote code execution faults that could be used by attackers to take control of a system.

So it is important to update your systems directly.

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