Windows: Restrict bypass for next generation processors

Microsoft As it is known has blocked the availability of updates on systems running Windows 7 and 8.1 devices running on a new generation processor.

The company announced the change in January of 2017, completing support for all processors will be available for Windows 10, and not earlier versions of

The company then released the updates, KB4012218 and KB4012219 which for the first time were able to locate the hardware on Window 7 and 8,1 systems and stop updating by displaying the following image:


Let's see what we can do with it…

The zeffy user from GitHub has decided to look at how Microsoft manages to lock up installation updates. With a closer look he noticed that locking is at the level of the operating system.

What he did then was:

Download Patch KB4012218 from Microsoft.
It extracted the contents of the MSU file using expand command line tool. What he did basically was to extract all the files of the update so he could analyze them separately.
The files were too many and then used PowerShell to filter the files with anything starting with "wu" to find the ones related to Windows Update.
While reading the code and searching for the calls he discovered wuaueng.dll, both of its functions: sCPUSupported (void) and IsDeviceServiceable (void).

Having found the cause, he should develop a solution to bypass the Windows Update block.

Teasing IsDeviceServiceable (void) a bit, Windows Update was not notified about what CPU the machine is using.

So the solution is a crack that "fixes" the dll. Zeffy uploaded patched files (32-bit and 64-bit) for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on his GitHub page. The source code is also available and you can check it.

Patches act like scripts that you just have to run to make the necessary changes. Windows Update will continue to work just like you did before.

Caution: before applying crack keep a backup of the Wuaueng.dll file.

Of course, the above method may last until the next Wuaueng.dll is released by Microsoft.

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