Patras, the medical examiners and the shop window

In anticipation of the resurrection of 2022 we must think. The Resurrection, that is, the return from death, should make us promise ourselves mental recovery, but also wish our neighbor good enlightenment.

Especially to those who have lost it. Lately, the public is watching with anxiety the developments of the case of the deaths of the three children in Patras. The implications are as many as the responsibilities, from each stakeholder. Doctors, hospitals, medical examiners, police, lawyers, the media, and of course the perpetrator or perpetrators.

I mention responsibilities, as there are many who believe that if investigative journalism had not moved the issue, it would have gone to waste.


If you have Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts, you will see them constantly popping up relevant hashtags, which make it easier to reveal information. Information travels rapidly in every direction. Among them you will read the bitterness of the public, you will feel the agony of solving the case and punishing the guilty.

But you will also read the trolls who ridicule every situation, the wannabe judges, and the very vindictive who think and suggest to the public to take the law into their own hands.

Many spoke of an uneducated, uneducated audience, throwing the ball on the tiles.

Nobody talks about the moral perpetrator or rather to put it better, what motivates this whole situation.

We will dare to call it without a name: Money.

So today a print newspaper was published that featured on its front page, images of a dead baby. Photos with bruises and scars. How far will exploitation, inhumanity and mourning go?

The Code of Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility of member journalists of Ε.Σ.Η.Ε.Α what does he really say? Does he agree with hanging such pictures on the pegs of the stands? Is it legal to publish these images on the front page?

It is different to choose an internal page to publish such images, and different to place them as showcases, in your showcase.

Do you know the purpose of the shop windows…. Better visibility of the consumer product we market means more profit. But death can not be a spectacle. The murders of three children are not a consumer product.

And because older children read here at, you have to choose at your discretion: chapter D journalism, cannibalism, or commercialization? Everyone draws their own conclusions and takes whichever side they want.

Note: Personally, I am closely following the case, as if it turns out to be the crime of the century. The above opinions do not support (and do not refer to) the possible perpetrators of the case.

Note 1: Of course we will not use the images that were originally released for forensic use, as our audience is not medical examiners, or just judges. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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  1. From the beginning when this case was announced, what impressed me was the "leaks".

    The "leaks" that showed someone like me that I do not have the slightest idea of ​​forensic findings, but I think I have a common mind, that the authorities, all they were trying to do was to "break" the killers of 3 completely weak souls.

    In these leaks, they were recruited by "journalists" up to retirees, where, if one listened with one's mind and not with one's ears, one could easily see that all they did was promote the classic "blood and semen" for to sell - intermediate of our shows - ads, as well as TV viewing - audience readability.
    In contrast to what I considered and still believe are those who said "it will break" and he will speak.

    In this case, however, we have people who either have below-zero emotional intelligence (so they do not feel the slightest remorse), or are - indeed - the perfect criminals that even Agatha Christie would envy or that SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENED that the " obvious ”they cover it with their stupidity or with their tolerance (complicity).

    Either one is true or the other, however, smelly endings of this case came to the surface with tentacles… strange.
    For example, the doctors who did not inform the prosecutor's office for a long time, but παι the smile of the child, medical examiners who all of us now wonder what they found in their timeless reports, locals to be taken by the wish NOT ONE, NOT EVEN ANONYMOUS Authorities, EVEN ANONYMOUS, did NOT SEND a letter to the Prosecutor's Office to convey any of his anxieties during the years when the 3 little angels were lost one by one.

    Cannibal society, dear George, who has -in my opinion- the greatest responsibility, even if he is now drying up to "judge", to be cursed and maybe to lynch, weeping with crocodile tears over 3 graves.

    But here, heretically thinking according to one of my potential interlocutors, we have to look at another parameter. The one described with "we have lost our trust in the Authorities and so we do not transfer them, we do not complain in the slightest".
    Either these authorities are the Hellenic Police, or the Prosecutor's Office, or some institutional social factor such as the Church and the prominent ministries. And perhaps, from experience speaking, they are not so unfair since there are many times when something was reported to the aforementioned "Authorities" and they were reluctant to name the complainant to the complainants, or "shut it up", as they commonly say and "buried" the case.

    Finally, I would like to add something about ESIEA (the body of journalists). But I will do it "gently"…

    Which ESIEA and which disciplinary bodies are we talking about? For the one who "did not hear", "did not see" for timeless emetic headlines?
    Which ESIEA should we talk about? For the one who "does not know" that the vast majority of its large members "acquire" houses - villas with… incomes that are not based on their salary?
    For that ESIEA that "never heard" that there are… journalists who owe tens of millions to the Greek State, at the same time that ίδιο journalists themselves point the finger at the "Greek" who did not get a receipt for a baby clothes he bought, enter and escape from the VAT of 24% (which goes to the… debts of Greece)?
    Or maybe for ESIEA that "fell from the clouds" with the mythical fortune of a recently deceased… journalist? (Do you think there are other such rich journalistic figures in Greece?)

    The whole case -in my opinion- is described, called, Vicious CYCLE that is solved only as a Gordian Knot. And this "Gordian Bond" can be "cut" only by someone who is not a "weight" of modern Greek history. And there are such units in the Greek Territory.
    However, that as a genuinely vicious modern Greek territory, the existing (inter-party) System will not promote it or "bury" it with its trolls and its party armies, reaching the problem again at the beginning of "nothing is done".

    As a result of all this, "beautiful botox-cut" scientists who saw nothing reprehensible in the death (murder without a doubt) of 3 babies, stylized "scientists" do not issue yellow cards for side effects of experimental drugs, in , on TV and on the internet.

    Wishing Christ Resurrected, I ask you a rhetorical question that says: “where is it, what is the position of the Academy of Athens for what is happening in the country, the people and the intellect in the last 12 years? Easy answer. Its position is the same as it was in the previous Occupation. On the side (tolerating everything) of the new conquerors.

    Υγ. I recently asked a person I love and respect: "Tasso, do you think that we are a minority of those who think and care?" and his answer leveled me. "An infinitesimal minority," he replied, "but we will not put it down and we will not stop thinking and acting," he added.

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