PayPal: 3 tips for protecting your electronic data

PayPal: New Year, Greater Security: Three useful tips to better protect your financial data 2015

From: Tomer Barel, Head of Risk Management

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As we are still in the early months of 2015, you may be wondering whether you will continue or not to pursue the goals you have set for the new year. You may have already decided to focus on a new target, or you have not even set one yet; however, in any case, a plan worth adding to your list and keeping it all year round is to ensure the protection of your financial data.

According to the Identity Theft Protection Center (Identity Theft Resource Center), in 2014, 783 cases of breach of security and personal data were reported, endangering more than 82 million consumers and even more businesses. Of the 783 leaks, 43 were related to banks and cards, revealing personal financial information with victims of more than 1,1 million individuals.

Although most major businesses, financial institutions and traders have their security as their top priority, consumers must, in any case, be equipped with the most up-to-date payment protection methods. For this reason, the PayPal proposes a solution to protect your financial information all year long.

These are three basic tips to ensure that your financial data is protected for a lifetime:

Adopt it Mobile Wallet (digital wallet). The digital wallet, in addition to not weighing your pockets when you leave the house, releases you from the stress of your transactions. H PayPal offers consumers one of the safest digital wallets in the world, where all transactions are monitored in real time and protected with sophisticated encryption. As her services PayPal do not require the use of specific devices with the corresponding specifications and commitments, the digital wallet can very well work with devices Android, Blackberry and IPhone, making it easy for anyone to carry almost any secure transactions through the mobile phone.

Protect your devices with security codes. The more the number of mobile phone transactions increases, the degree of security in the process of storing financial data data on our devices should also increase accordingly. Although digital wallets offer a high level of security, the likelihood of theft or loss of our mobile phone is still great. The most secure solution for protecting your mobile phone and its valuable content is to create a password that does not allow any third party to unlock it. All state-of-the-art mobile phones offer this service for personal password - some even have fingerprint recognition technology - and the installation time takes less than five minutes.

Select the Most Secure Payment Methods.

When someone makes one online often worries about the risk of disclosure of credit card details and forgets other payment methods. OR PayPal is a safe alternative to online payments or to paying in physical stores with a credit or debit card. The service is also offered as a form of payment on millions of popular websites.

Finally, it is always important to be sure that the site from where you shop is safe. An easy way to test your security website is to take a look at URL of that site. Email addresses always start with HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol / Transnational Transfer Protocol). The letter 'S' at the end - 'HTTPS'- refers to' security 'and indicates that the site has a complementary level of security features, allowing secure disclosure of payment information. You might also see a padlock icon in front of it URL, as an extra safety mark of the individual website.

It makes sense to think that you have a lot to think about before you make a simple purchase, but it is very important to remember that the security of your financial data is worth your time. In the spirit of the New Year, as well as the Chinese New Year that begins on February 19, it is now the best time to embrace these changes and not to stop taking the right measures to ensure you a long, safer and more technologically advanced digital Zoe.

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