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Every year, a few weeks before Christmas, consumers start searching for the best gifts for their loved ones. Unfortunately, 40% of Greek consumers have encountered one or two cases where they received a product that did not meet their expectations. Thanks to the service PayPal Refunded Returns (Free Returns), we can easily return gifts that do not satisfy us, once purchased through PayPal, and to gain the cost of transport. paypal christmas-presents

Despite the fact that 9 out of 10 Europeans view the holiday season in a positive mood, and 85% characterizing himself as "enthusiastic" enjoying the gift market, it is natural that the expectations for Christmas presents tend to be very large. And while all of them in their quest to choose something truly original and unique, there is the risk of not delighting the recipient. According to a recent survey conducted by Gemius on PayPal, 40% of all consumers in Greece has encountered one or two cases where they received a product that did not meet their expectations.

Do you sell it, give it to a charity or hide it in the basement?

By taking advantage of the countless possibilities offered by modern technology, the hassle of offline shopping can be mitigated - since online shopping is fast, easy and practical. In addition, the internet helps you to choose the best gifts - a look at the list of bestsellers, and the most popular or ideal gift ends up in the online shopping cart. However, making the right choice for the perfect gift is like playing lotto and the result often brings us to the question: what do we do with the gifts we do not want?

According to the PayPal survey, the most popular way to deal with this problem is to process the product to meet our needs (32%). Another idea many prefer is to give this gift to someone else (23%), the 11% it stores it in the basement, while it 26% sells it on the internet, which is an excellent opportunity not only for the unlucky owner of the gift but also for all those who are looking for the best deals in January.

In addition to selling products to auction sites or exchanging them with something you want without giving money, sometimes the best way not to lose a gift is to donate it to a charity. Christmas gifts such as toys can be offered in hospitals or orphanages, books that we do not want are absolutely necessary in schools and libraries, and every kind of clothing is always welcome in local homeless organizations. In addition, sites such as eBay or Gumtree that allow you to sell online also offer the opportunity to donate money to a charitable purpose of your choice.

Apparently, the easiest way to deal with the unwanted gift problem would be to return the product to the shop. However, the 36% of the Greeks does not return products that do not satisfy it - mainly for transport costs of return (21%), the complex procedure (22%), or because it is a time-consuming energy (10%).

New services for the benefit of Christmas online markets

One of the best solutions for dealing with unwanted gifts is the recent PayPal Free Product Return service. Regardless of the reason for product refund, consumers who ordered a product and paid it through PayPal are now able to return it and receive financial compensation for the transportation costs, thus maximizing the benefits of purchasing experience with ease and safety offered when choosing your gifts from local and foreign merchants all over the world. In addition, PayPal expands the buyer's security and protects the consumer from the time of purchase until the time of return.

Christmas is the perfect time to experience how easy, fast and safe shopping is. PayPal. Not only are we able to find unique gifts from any country in the world, choosing the best prices, but even if something goes wrong, or the Christmas present does not turn out to be the right choice, every user PayPal can rely on full consumer support and receive monetary compensation for return shipping costs - says Damien Perillat, M.anaging Director of PayPal in its Region Central and Eastern Europe.

Consumers who bought a product and paid for it through PayPal can refund it - whatever the reason - and be reimbursed for shipping costs, up to the amount of 30 euros. The only thing to keep in mind in order to get the compensation is to keep the postage transfer receipts. Then, the three basic steps for financial compensation are:

  1. Download the special form online and fill it out.
  1. Completing the purchase and transport receipts of the product.                                                         
  1. Sending receipts via emails in PayPal.

Thanks to this new feature, upon completion of this brief process, the financial compensation will be displayed in your PayPal account within the next 10 days.

For more information in this respect with the service PayPal Refunded Returns, visit the website for Central and Eastern Europe.

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