PCLinuxOS 2019.11 for Windows friends

Distributors of PCLinuxOS Distribution Announced the Release of the Latest 2019.11 PCLinuxOS Fixed Release: This is a Distribution -free και πολύ φιλική προς τους αρχάριους . He "wears" it 5.17 which just released the penultimate Linux kernel 5.3.10:


“PCLinuxOS 2019.08 KDE Full Edition is out and is to download. It has Linux 5.3.10, all KDE Applications in version 19.08.2, the KDE Framework 5.63.0, and KDE Plasma 5.17.3"

The new image comes with a complement of KDE and LibreOffice: They include Timeshift, a backup and restore utility, Bitwarden, an open-source for password management s, Darktable, a photo management software, the GIMP an image editing software, digiKam an image management software; Megasync for storing your files in the cloud, the well-known Teamviewer for remote control of computers, Virtualbox, the Rambox for storing multiple applications in one place, the Simplenotes one application for notes, the well-known one Kodi a multimedia , Kazam a screen capture utility, Caliber – the app for all e-books, Skrooge app a banking software.

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Distribution is ideal for Windows users who want to experiment with Linux, or are thinking of changing their operating system. For those of you who really think about it, you should also read the following posts:


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