PCLinuxOS 2020.10 Windows replacement?

The developers of the PCLinuxOS distribution have announced the update of the latest fixed version and the tenth for the year 2020 PCLinuxOS: This is a systemd-free (SysV) distribution and very user friendly. "Wears" KDE Plasma with the latest Linux kernel:

"The PCLinuxOS 2020.10 KDE Full Edition has been released and is available for download. It has the latest Linux Kernel, all the latest KDE Applications, the latest KDE Framework, and the latest KDE Plasma ”

The new ISO image comes with a complement of KDE and its applications LibreOffice: Includes Timeshift, a backup and recovery utility, Bitwarden, an open-source password management application, Darktable, a photo management software, GIMP an image editing software, digiKam an image management software; Megasync for storing your files in the cloud, the well-known Teamviewer for remote control of computers, Virtualbox, the Rambox for storing multiple applications in one place, the Simplenotes one application for notes, the well-known one Kodi a multimedia center, Kazam a screen capture utility, Caliber - the app for all e-books, Skrooge a banking software.
  Microsoft ProvMon tool released for Linux

The distribution is ideal for Windows users who want to experiment with Linux, or are thinking about changing operating system. Of course I should mention that if you want to start with linux now, you better try with MX. Those of you who are really thinking about it, it would be good to read the following posts:


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