PCWT: Run Bug Bounty projects easily and quickly

An online application that facilitates the execution of your projects with fiveset and bug bounty.

The application provides a convenient web interface for working with various types of files used during pentest, automatic port scanning, and subdomain search.


  • Leave the notes on a server, port or domain.
  • Mark host or domain with tags.
  • Search for any field related to host, port, or domain (tags and notes included). Regexp is available.
  • Different types of ara classification are available in almost all control panels
  • Perform a port scan for all servers, servers without a port scan, or custom list.
  • Create subdomain search tasks (every 2 hours, every 5 hours, every day or every week). You can also turn them off and on-demand using the Subdomain task control panel.
  • Different types of export are available.
  • Notifications about the start and end of the scan, as well as new domains found can be sent to Telegram. Update config.py with your chat ID and badge.



Project settings


Domains dashboard


Port scan

[pastacode manual=”nmap%20–top-ports%2010000%20-sV%20-Pn%20–min-rate%20300%20–max-retries%202%20%5Bip%5D” provider=”manual” lang=”php”/] [pastacode manual=”%3Ccode%3Emasscan%20-p%201-65535%20–rate%202000%3C%2Fcode%3E” provider=”manual” lang=”php”/]

Subdomain search

Amass and findomain are used to find subdomains.


[pastacode manual=”%3Ccode%3Eapt%20install%20python3%20python-venv%20python3-pip%0D%0Agit%20clone%20https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fascr0b%2FPCWT%0D%0Acd%20PCWT%0D%0A%0D%0Apython3%20-m%20venv%20env%0D%0Asource%20env%2Fbin%2Factivate%0D%0Apip3%20install%20-r%20requirements.txt%0D%0A%0D%0Aflask%20init-db%0D%0Aflask%20crontab%20add%0D%0A%0D%0Aexport%20FLASK_APP%3Dapp%0D%0Aflask%20run%3C%2Fcode%3E” provider=”manual” lang=”php”/]  

You can download the program from here..

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