PDF Shaper 3.0 Manage Free PDF Files

If you ever want to edit PDF files, or if you tend to do it often, then probably the application PDF Shaper it's for you.

PDF Shaper 3.0 is a program with quite a few that make PDF file management a game.

Note: The program contains in its installer, OpenCandy, an ad that will show you an offer during the installation. Make sure you do not accept the offer.




With the application, you can easily do the following, all free:

Remove the text from PDF files.
Take them out from PDF files.
Rotate the pages or sign in PDF files.
Convert PDF files to images.
Convert images to PDF.
Convert PDF to Word RTF.
Divide or merge PDF files.
Encrypt or decrypt documents.

The available tools will appear to you when you open the program. It is very easy even for beginners . pdf shaper

You can try it from here.

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