Penetration Testing and security programs

Many organizations around the world implement all kinds of security measures that experts tell them without knowing if they are able to protect all their systems.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you should consider penetration testing.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing examines the security level of an application, network, system, and anything else that may be defective. It may even consider ways hackers could compromise your machines.

Penetration testers mainly focus on finding vulnerabilities in your system and the risk they could pose. When hiring penetration testers to perform tests, they can do the following:

1) Discover potential targets of attacks
2) Identify the possible action of the attackers
3) Examine how powerful your system is against a possible attack
4) Discover how much damage an attack on your system can cause

The team of experts can give you information and diagnoses that will make your system much safer.

Why do you need penetration testing?

The key to penetration testing is learning how well a security system works in an attack. Therefore, if you want to get more protection for your software and network, hiring a penetration testing team is what you need.

Many organizations avoid hiring special teams for penetration testing because they believe it is a waste of money. They do not think that their body will ever be the target, simply because they are not important enough. The truth is that you never know who will attack and when.

If you think that doing a penetration testing will cost too much, then you need to think about what could happen if your company is breached.

Benefits of penetration testing

Monitoring current vulnerabilities

It is not easy to control your system yourself and fix any vulnerabilities while hoping that someone will not attack you. A dedicated testing team can help identify vulnerabilities and secure your system.

A "special" look can be more useful

You may have an incredible IT team working in your company, however, they may not be able to recognize vulnerabilities and security issues because they cannot see out of the box. A team of security analysts who know nothing about your system can be much more helpful in locating vulnerabilities that your team might never have been able to discover.

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