Penguin Proxy VPN: P2P free anonymous VPN service

Penguin Proxy is a free, anonymous VPN service that can run on all platforms, or almost all (Mac, Windows, and Linux).

Helps you navigate anonymously and safely. Keep it confidential and avoid any online censorship and surveillance.

Just download and run the application to register on the Penguin Proxy network.
With two clicks you can run a full end-to-end encrypted VPN.

Penguin Proxy

PenguinProxy is decentralized and offers more security than any other VPN since the network it uses is P2P.

The developers of the application promise that they will never monitor you, will not sell your data to third parties and will not serve you ads.

The application is also available as a Browser Extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers. Choose what you want to use and download it to your computer from official webpage.

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