Perfect Dark (P2P) easy download and file sharing

H Dark is a peer-to-peer (P2P) application from Japan, which was released in 2006. It supports Japanese and English languages ​​for easy downloading and sharing of files and documents.perfect dark

The Perfect Dark application came from its predecessors, Share (P2P) and Winny (P2P), which required less network bandwidth and hard disk space. The app has its own private network named “”, has a powerful search tool for optimal file sharing and provides a bulletin board where users can discuss or exchange files. Additionally it offers Community Tech Support for advanced users and developers. Users can also share a size of uploaded files to further boost the download of other community users. Perfect Dark is still in development today.

Other key features of the application Perfect Dark include the following:
Use of hash tables (hash tables) for max in large ones P2P
Protect users by changing the IP address, allowing users to share and download a large number of files without problems.
Key Table and Hash Tab distribution, which make up the entire application network and use a complex algorithm, ensure shots and shipment.
Users can use logical operators like AND, NOT and OR to help filter the files to be sent or received.


The creator applies a principlekiller called DKT + DHT + DU during network design. These three segments make up the entire network.


“DKT” Distributed Keyword Table.
“DHT” for Distributed Hash Table.
“DU” for distributed Unity. (Unity Distribution).

"DKT" is primarily for efficient file search, while "DHT" and "DU" are used to effectively share files and enhance anonymity.

Network Bandwidth Requirements

The minimum shipping speed is 100 KB / sec. If the user does not configure the Perfect Dark application with the appropriate settings or if he is unable to support the necessary settings, download rates will be limited so that priority will be given to other users. This is intended to increase the Perfect Dark network retention rate.

Require disk space

It requires at least 40 GB hard disk space, where a huge Hash table is stored, which is used as storage and distribution of files.

File System Requirements

The application requires the NTFS file system, instead of FAT32, because FAT32 is limited in size per to 4 GB, while the application supports downloading files up to 32 GB.


File Search: Tree Search

"Tree Search" offers a powerful search. In addition, the use of Boolean AND, OR and NOT operators helps to eliminate unwanted effects.

Stream text

The application includes a unique feature called “flow”: It is a window where the text written by one of the users is displayed vertically . Each user can write a small message (a few lines and columns), and it will be displayed to other users using the streaming feature.

Automatic update

From 1.02 the application Perfect Dark has the ability to be updated automatically through its own network.

Message boards

Perfect Dark has a simple message board. These tables are distributed over the network. Their design is rudimentary. Japanese language must be used to search within the tables.


The overall structure of the Perfect Dark network is broadly similar to its recent versions freenet, only using a larger partition table. Anonymity is based on a mixnet where file traffic is transmitted according to specific probabilities, and is stored or transferred to encrypted blocks while the keys are distributed separately.

The app uses RSA (1024-) and AES (128-bit) to encrypt data transmitted between peers and keys are cached for higher performance.

Published files and scoreboards (including auto-updates) are usually signed with 160-bit ECDSA signatures. Automatic software updates are also protected with 2048-bit RSA signatures.

Creators believe that because of the program's code, potential attacks on security and anonymity are likely, as "opportunists" and wasteful files that degrade the network. However, the authors have stated the idea of ​​using open source in the future to solve the above problems.

In 2010 the Japanese company NetAgent claimed that they have created software capable of decrypting encrypted information such as the file name the IP address of the originator who uploaded the file as well as other details.

Article by Adem Theodor and Moustakas Alexandros at The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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