Optical fiber carries a petabit per second

How would a petabit look like per second? Macquarie University in Australia, in collaboration with Hokkaido University and equipment maker Fujikura, has developed a fiber optic and transmission system that allows data transfer speeds of more than 1 petabit per second.

The new quad-core and 12D optical fiber is the same size as today's, but is capable of transmitting data XNUMX times faster.petabit

Macquarie University even reported that these fibers are less prone to damage due to their narrower diameter and could be used with existing equipment.

"This technology promises a solution to the congestion created by existing optical fibers. For the first time we have created a realistic and easy-to-use fiber that is durable and can carry huge amounts of data. " he says Dr Simon Gross of the Macquarie Photonics Research Center.

According to the researchers, the fiber optics they built is the first to allow such data transfer speeds.


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