Peter Economides a speech with timeless value

Ο είναι ένας brand strategist. Ζει σε τέσσερις ηπείρους και το έργο του αφορά and consumers from all over the world.


He is the founder and owner of Felix BNI, former Executive Vice President and Worldwide Director of Client services at McCann Erickson Worldwide and Head of Global Clients at TBWAWorldwide.

He has developed leading advertising companies as CEO/Director at , Mexico and the United States.
At McCann Erickson Worldwide he was responsible for the global management of an advertising budget worth 1,8 billion dollars for Coca Cola.
At TBWA Worldwide launched the “Think Different” campaign that was launched after his return at Apple.

Below we will see (for all those who haven't seen it) rebranding Greece, a speech, a presentation for EEDE (Hellenic Enterprise Management Company).

Peter Economides talks about the crisis. He believes that the economic crisis has developed into a social crisis and a crisis of self-confidence.

The specific speech of Peter Economides took place in the context of the 11th "ARISTOTELIS" International Conference of EEDE in Thessaloniki and had as its theme: Rebranding Greece.

An excerpt of the speech:

Google. Google is in all of our lives and I will use it as a makeshift brand barometer. Because people go to Google and search for things so let's see what results it gives when we search with some words…


Acropolis: 17,6 million entries in 0,24 seconds - amazing!

Ancient Greece: 15,7 million entries

Mykonos: 3,35 million entries in 0,19 seconds

Zorbas: 29,9 million

Greece crisis: 62,1 Greece corruption: 24,4

Greece riots: 9,7


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Peter Economides, iguru

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