Founder of Pirate Bay: Njalla anonymous domain registration service

Njalla: Yes Anonymous Domains! Its founder Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, created a new startup aimed at protecting privacy, against the establishment. Since yesterday it works the Njalla domain name registration service, which offers the owners of the websites full anonymity, protecting them from the indiscreet looks of strangers.

In recent years, copyright owners have targeted the industry of domains, calling on companies to adopt a more active anti-piracy approach.domain

A type of protection that is currently used by web site owners is Whois' coverage to ensure their privacy. Of course, the service does not fully guarantee the domain owner.

Pirate Bay's former spokesman and co-founder, Peter Sunde, announced his latest venture. Continuing his fight for online privacy, he launched a new company called Njalla, which helps webmasters to protect their identity from prying eyes.Njalla

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The name Njalla refers to a traditional warehouse used by the Sámi (native ancient people living on the northern tip of the Scandinavian peninsula, including the Kola peninsula) to keep the raptors away from things they want to protect. It is usually built on a tall stump or tree and is used to store food or other goods.

On the Internet, Njalla will help you keep your domains private, and while anonytization services are not new, Sunde's company adopts a different approach.

With Njalla, customers do not buy the domains of the websites, but let the company do it for them. This adds an extra level of protection, but also requires some confidence.

The company provides the customer with full domain usage rights, which means that the owners are free to transfer it elsewhere if they want.

"Think of us as a friendly drunk (but responsible) straw man who takes responsibility for your actions," says Njalla.

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“Njalla is needed because something is wrong with the right of people to be anonymous. With social media pushing us to be less anonymous and concentrating on services we need alternatives, ”Sunde told TorrentFreak.

Current privacy services do not really provide anonymity, Sunde believes, so he decided to fill that gap.

For those who are interested, Njalla just opened her website. The company is registered under the name 1337 LLC and is based in Nevis, a small island in the Caribbean Sea.

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