Philips 4K LCD with UltraClear resolution and UltraColor clarity

Η MMD brand partner of the monitors Philips, presents a new screen that combines the analysis 4K with the exceptionally wide range of colors offered by technology and advanced Vertical Alignment (VA) for very high contrast.

The large 31.5 inch 328 screenP6VJEB provides users with plenty of space to enjoy, at the same time, intense colors with precision reproduction in Incredibly High Definition. With flexible connectivity and support MHL, the screen additionally offers extremely easy access and use.Philips

"The new screen Philips is designed taking into account professional users such as graphic designers, engineers CAD and economists, "he says Artem Khomenko, Product Managers of the monitors Philips in MMD for Europe.

"They are people who rely on the accurate and vivid reproduction of every detail displayed on their screen to be effective and productive in their work. The combination of advanced color and analysis technologies make the display ideal for professional users looking for extra color accuracy and resolution at a very affordable price.''

Thanks to technology UltraColor, color reproduction is more accurate and more intense. Supporting a wider color spectrum (95% of the range NTSC as opposed to the classic 72%), h UltraColor offers more realistic green, vibrant red and deep blue, expanding the color gamut that users perceive on their screen. This is accomplished through changes in the actual chemistry of the panel, rather than by adjusting the color settings from the software. UltraColor ensures that screen colors better match the actual colors of the items, making it the best choice for professional applications as well as entertainment applications.

The screen UltraColor 31.5 inch is completed with the clarity and detail of the analysis UltraClear 4K. With 3840×2160 pixels, Philips UltraClear 4K ensures the ideal level of detail for demanding applications such as CAD, 3D or focus on individual cells in complex spreadsheets.

In addition to color rendering and resolution, Philips has the technology VA, an advanced one Multi-domain vertical alignment technology that offers extremely high statics contrast ratios for even brighter and brighter images. So, the screen is particularly suited for photos and demanding graphics applications.

For effective connectivity with the plethora of data sources used by professional designers and graphic designers on a daily basis, SmartConnect for 4K: the latest, advanced multi-connections that allow users to view uncompressed files video and audio high resolution as well as enjoy full 4 analysis at 60 Hz for smooth graphics. The screen also supports the latter USB 3.0 for fast data transfer at speed 5 Gbit/second. Other connectivity options include MHL allowing users to use portable content on an enlarged viewing screen while enjoying the excellent color and screen resolution 328P6VJEB.

In addition to impressive connectivity, the Philips screen is designed with a range of features that offer comfort. For example, it has the technology Flicker-free of Philips which reduces the flicker of the screen and subsequent eye fatigue after long hours of work. Function SmartErgoBase allows you to adjust the height, rotation and tilt according to user preferences by offering the most comfortable viewing and keeping the cables neat.

The new screen Philips 328P6VJEB, with an indicative one retail price € 799 is available in major electronics stores by late October 2016.

Technical Specifications - Display Philips 328P6VJEB

LCD Type panel


Backlight technology


Size panel

31.5 inches / 80.1 from.

Dimension Ratio


Optimal resolution

3840 2160 @ 60Hz

Viewing angle

178 ° (H) / 178 ° (V), @ C / R> 10


300 cd / m²

Display colors

1.07 billions

Color range

NTSC 95%


1080P @ 60 Hz


  • Built-in speakers: 3 W x 2
  • MultiView: PIP / PBP mode, 2x devices
  • SmartImage, Multiview, User, Menu, Power On / Off
  • Software Control: SmartControl
  • Kensington lock, VESA mount (100x100mm)
  • Compatibility Plug & Play: DDC / CI, Mac OS X, sRGB, Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7


  • Signal Input: VGA (Analog), DVI-Dual Link (digital, HDCP), DisplayPort, HDMI (2.0) - MHL x 1
  • USB: USB 3.0 × 4 (1 w / fast charging) *
  • Entrances : Separate Sync, Sync on Green
  • Audio (In / Out): PC audio-in, Headphone out

The main ingredient

  • Height adjustment 180mm

  • Pivot: 90 degree

  • Rotation: -170 / + 170 degree

  • Okequal: -5 / 20 degree


  • Environmental and Energy Standards: EnergyStar 7.0, EPEAT Gold*, TCO edge, RoHS

  • Recyclable packaging material: 100%

  • Recycled plastic after consumption: 65%

  • Specific substances: PVC / BFR free housing, without mercury, without lead

Compliance and standards

Regulatory approvals: CE Mark, FCC Class B,
Ergo, TUV / GS


  • Front panel, back cover and base: Black
  • Finish: Texture The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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