Philips extends the S7 and V7 series

MMD brand license partner of Philips monitors, expands them S7 και V7. Οι δύο αυτές προσφέρουν εκπληκτικές εικόνες σε επιχειρήσεις και σε οικιακούς χρήστες που αναζητούν οθόνες για υψηλές αποδόσεις σε καλή τιμή. Η V7-line αποτελεί τη βασική σειρά με όλα τα απαραίτητα for productive work, while the S7-line incorporates some additional premium features.

The complete S7-line includes 3 variants at 21,5 inches and 3 variants at 23,8 inches. The complete V7-line series has an even wider range of choice, with 2 variants at 21,5 inches, namely 4 models in the 23,8” size and 4 in the 27” size. Both series are equipped with technologies oriented to of the eyes during prolonged use of the screen.Philips S7 and V7

Strong and easy to use, the S7 and V7 monitor series offer the right combination of performance, key features and affordability. Make working time in front of the screen easier, more productive and more friendly to the budgets of home users and public and private businesses - from call centers to schools, libraries and offices.

The two sets of Philips screens feature innovations that we usually find in higher-end models. Even at first glance, S7 screens are specially crafted to impress, with a thinner frame and a base stand that create a clean and sleek look as they occupy much less space on the desk. The latest models of the two S7 and V7 series are all three-sided. In addition to good looks, slim design is precious for applications that need two screens to be placed side by side. The "connection" between monitors is barely perceptible, creating the impression that there is a big screen for better comparisons and increased productivity.

With Full HD resolution and the broad viewing angle offered by IPS technology, the two-panel panels offer clear and crisp images, even for viewing from the side. The position of the screen is adjustable for greater comfort, in particular the S7-line base allows for tilting the screen, rotating and adjusting the height at the right angle. V-line displays are all capable of tilting.

Features that focus on the user to enhance efficiency and promote well-being
The S7-line and V7-line screens are designed to handle the drawbacks of intense use, with the right features that help users be as productive as they can and for as long as it is needed, as stated by Artem Khomenko, Product Manager Philips Monitors in Europe at MMD, while emphasizing: "These monitors are designed with a set of key features to make screen use more productive."

All screens in the S7 series now feature the innovative SoftBlue LED technology as a key feature. Research has shown that the blue light waves emitted by LED screens can potentially affect vision over time. The SoftBlue technology integrated into the screen hardware aims to address this issue. Without changing color or image, SoftBlue technology reduces harmful blue light waves. The monitors of the V7 series have a technology with a similar effect, the LowBlue function .LowBlue light is a software function that reduces harmful blue LED light.

Other features geared towards eye comfort are the EasyRead function (S7 and V7 series), which creates a “newspaper-like” reading experience for multi-page files, and the SmartContrast function (S7 and V7 series), which automatically adjusts colors and backlight intensity depending on the content displayed on the screen – for example the optimal settings for a spreadsheet are very different from those for of a video.
According to the needs of professional users, S7 monitors are equipped with additional features. The built-in stereo εξασφαλίζουν μια εμπειρία πολυμέσων με εξαιρετικό ήχο σε δραστηριότητες όπως η , while technology -Free adjusts brightness and reduces flickering effects for even more comfortable viewing. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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