Philips SoftBlue eye protection without loss of color rendering

Η πρωτοποριακή τεχνολογία SoftBlue, η οποία προστατεύει τα μάτια και μειώνει την κόπωσή τους περιορίζοντας τις επιπτώσεις της έκθεσής τους στο επιβλαβές μπλε φως, τώρα ενσωματώνεται στις οικιακές και επαγγελματικές οθόνες .

MMD, the technology and brand license partner of Philips Screens, introduces new displays for home and business users with innovative SoftBlue technology. SoftBlue technology protects the eyes and reduces their fatigue by reducing the impact of their exposure to blue light without sacrificing the fidelity and quality of the original color.

So users enjoy both good eye health and professional color fidelity. The new SoftBlue home screens (E-Line) are already in stores, while SoftBlue displays for professionals (P-Line) are expected in autumn.Philips SoftBlue

Responding to the call to the blue exposure

Commenting on the new SoftBlue display series, Thomas Schade, MMD Vice President, MMD, says, "This new technology is representative of MMD's commitment to taking care of the health and well-being of users while providing an excellent, colorful image for maximum productivity. Studies show that blue LED light can damage eyes and affect eyesight, yet we all spend more time in front of screens and constantly expose our eyes to potentially harmful rays. The new SoftBlue technology has been proven to reduce this risk. It is certified by the international testing organizations SGS Labs and TUV Rheinland that reduces blue light and protects the eyes. "

Removing harmful blue light from the start

The new Philips SoftBlue screens approach a new, different way to get harmful blue light removed. Unlike filter-based methods, for example a glass in front of the screen or anti-blue light glasses, SoftBlue technology maintains the original color fidelity, while the filter methods add a yellow tint to the colors. At best, this simply negatively affects the viewing experience. At worst, for applications like medical imaging based on color fidelity, the screen becomes useless.

The SoftBlue screens, on the other hand, limit the effects of exposure to blue light from the outset by limiting blue light emission to potentially harmful wavelengths at the higher end of the short range and shifting the peak wavelength from the harmful 450 nm to 460 nm . This reduces the potentially damaging blue light more than 90%, without sacrificing the fidelity and quality of the original color. Users benefit from their image quality, brightness and color fidelity, while enjoying the good health of their eyes.

E-Line and P-Line for use in and work

In addition to the distinctive SoftBlue technology, all five new displays have an impressive set of features for maximum performance. Responding to the demands of both home and professional applications, they are equipped with IPS-ADS panels for ultra-wide viewing angles of 178 degrees with a sharp image and vivid colors, 16:9 Full HD quality with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and built-in stereo speakers that combine the comfortable viewing with the excellent audio experience. Available in 21,5-, 23,6- and 27-inch sizes, E-Line's displays for home users feature a sleek, slim design with a touch control to match home decor. They also include exclusive Philips technologies SmartContrast, which dynamically enhances contrast settings, and SmartImage Lite, which enhances and adjusts contrast, color saturation and sharpness to deliver ultimate performance for any application tai – all in real time and at the push of a single button.

The two P-Line screens, 21,5 and 23,8 inches, were designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. On these screens, SoftBlue is complemented by yet another exclusive Philips eye reduction technology, Philips Flicker-Free technology that adjusts brightness and reduces flicker and provides comfortable viewing. Thanks to the SmartErgo base, screens can be tilted, rotated and lifted to whatever level and angle it serves the user - another user-friendly feature that increases productivity and softens the physical strain of a long day at work. Philips SoftBlue 1

The two P-Line screens also include the professional version of SmartImage technology, with dynamics της αντίθεσης της εικόνας, του κορεσμού του χρώματος και της ευκρίνειας ανάλογα με την εφαρμογή, καθώς και ειδική λειτουργία Economy για σημαντική . And to save even more energy, the monitors have a built-in PowerSensor, which detects if the user has left the desk and automatically dims the screen brightness. This reduces energy costs by up to 80%, while also extending the life of the screen.


E-Line 277E6EDAD displays at 27 inches, 247E6EDAW at 23,6 inches and 227E6EDSD at 21,5 inches are already available in stores. The P-Line screens will be added to the store screens range this September.


E-Line 27 "277E6EDAD: 279 €
E-Line 24 "247E6EDAW: 199 €
E-Line 22 "227E6EDSD: 159 €
P-Line 24 "241P6EPJEB: 309 €
P-Line 22 "221P6EPYEB: 259 € The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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