New UltraClear 28 Ultra High Definition 4 Inch Screen

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The brand new 28 inch screen Philips UltraClear 4K Ultra High Definition provides unrivaled clarity and brightness

MMD, the world's leading technology partner and brand partner of Philips screens, announces a new high-performance display: the brand-new Philips 4K UltraClear UHD. With four times higher resolution than Full HD and four times more clarity, the Philips 288P6LJEB screen gives users unrivaled detail, color and the most crisp and shining picture you've ever seen.
4K UHD: Quadruple resolution for clear and shiny image
Following a series of innovative products to improve image quality and analysis, Philips introduces the new 4K UltraClear UHD display that brings image quality to the 4K level. With 3840 x 2160 pixels, the Ultra HD (UHD) technology screen fits four times as many pixels in the same area as the already impressive Full HD image quality. As a result, the 28 inch screen has more space and features as windows become more compact on the screen. Along with the highest number of pixels, more detail is added to the text and images, offering more glow, clarity and more vivid images.
A major difference makes UHD both in entertainment and productivity applications as the screen 288P6LJEB of Philips introduces UHD experience in professional and residential spaces. In the field of entertainment, viewers can view streaming movies, play games, or browse and edit photos with even more detail while 4 TV content is expected more in the near future. In professional applications, all jobs can be scaled up to UHD that provides more space and detail on the screen. Spreadsheets, for example, grow up giving space for demanding applications. Benefits of incompatible image clarity are also users of specialized applications, such as scientific imagery where the slightest detail is decisive.
Ultra-interactive entertainment experience
The Philips 4K UltraClear UHD screen offers a range of great high performance features in all areas designed to enhance and complement UHD analysis. With a response time of just 1ms, the Philips Ultra HD screen is one of the fastest 4K monitors on the market. In addition, it supports over 1 million colors, a feature that lets you reproduce colors with absolute precision and makes the screen perfect for professional applications such as creative design and CAD, but also for exciting gaming experience. Combined with SmartResponse, a Philips exclusive technology that automatically adjusts response time depending on the application, the screen delivers gamers and viewers a crisp, bright, flicker-free image, time-lag and ghosting.
Ultra-flexible connectivity
By getting in touch with the great viewing experience it offers, users will want to watch every content with the quality and clarity of the Philips Ultra HD screen. The monitor supports MultiView, which allows users to monitor the content of two sources at the same time, linking, for example, a notebook with worksheets, while at the same time updating for sports scores on the TV. The DisplayPort 1.2 Digital Display PC-to-Display supports data transfer speed up to 10.8 Gbps for faster display and refresh of office and movie applications. The HDMI connection supports MHL, a feature that allows users to connect portable devices such as smartphones and enjoy their content on a large HD screen. In addition to the Super Speed ​​USB 3.0, viewers enjoy ultra-fast data transfer, approximately 10 times faster than the USB 2.0 standard.
Ultra-comfortable and ergonomic
To reduce fatigue in the office, the new monitor has a Smart ErgoBase base that lowers almost to the office level for a more comfortable viewing angle. It also offers the ideal viewing experience for users who use double-faced, tri-focal or multi-focal lenses for computer work. Finally, the base keeps the cables neatly, reducing clutter in the work area or in the living room.
The new screen Philips 288P6LJEB 4K UltraClear UHD will be available at most 2014 electronics stores in the summer with a retail price of € 599.
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