All of them had Marrior's Forex was missing

A new Forex advertising campaign has begun to develop in Greece. Sellers are telephoning from England to their potential customers' mobile phones and suggesting them to "play" their money in Forex.


It's the second time we're bothering at the mobile phone by calling us from a UK-based number. These numbers start with + 44, that is, phones from England. They usually call mobile phones and the truth is that we needed some time to realize that their charge was not as big as we imagined, since roaming costs between EU countries have been abolished by 15 / 06 / 2017. And the United Kingdom is still an EU country.

Keeping in mind that we do not have enough telephone ads from Greece, but we will have from all over the European Union, we gave the seller time to see what he wants to promote from England.

And it started to develop us about the miraculous results of Forex and that we must definitely invest to multiply our fortune. Of course, we both interrupted him kindly (but he is a boss, he is not blame) and we said we did not care but we were impressed with what this Forex might be. And what in general can someone sell us by phone from London.

A little Google search didn't take long. Reading through the various sites we discover that Forex (FOReign Exchange market) is in fact a stock exchange market. Companies give you the right to bet (literally) in foreign or local currencies by guessing whether they will go up or down in relation to the other currencies. And do not think the game is 1 to 1. On the contrary. Stakes can reach 400 to 1. But also 400 to 1. We do not want to analyze the details for the delight of gambling lovers, but it is basically a gambling based on the exchange rates of the stock market.

So, if you have money left over in times of crisis, your pocket eats to get rich in English business then you only have to pick up +441554147408 or +441637140612 from your mobile phone and enjoy a fantastic a conversation in perfect Greek that will convince you to bet.



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