Photoshop Sky Replacement automatic changes with AI

Photoshop has evolved lately, greatly increasing its image editing capabilities. The impressive new features started in 2019. Then the company started to integrate tools based on AI.

So since it made it extremely easy to select different objects last year, Photoshop makes it just as easy to replace the entire sky in your images.

Using the Sky Replacement tool, you can choose from a variety of defaults. There are categories such as "blue skies", "spectacular" and "sunsets". You can choose one of your own images and Photoshop will be able to automatically separate the sky from the rest of the photo to use the background for a new image.

In the video above you can see how even the lighting in the foreground changes slightly to match the background.

Despite the automation, you still have control over the resulting image. You can adjust the brightness and temperature of the color of the sky, as well as its size. You can move to the background if you want to highlight a specific element of the sky and you can also check how much it is modified to match the background.

If you are someone who likes to modify their images, Adobe says it retains every layer that creates the photo, allowing you to change masks, lighting and more.

This tool can be very useful. Creates fascinating landscapes without having to wait for the right time to take the photo.

The company does not say exactly when the new feature will be released, but states a "soon". We will learn more from the Adobe Max conference on October 20.

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