PHP 5.x from 31 December 2018 end support

According to her statistics W3Techs, about 78,9% of all Internet sites are running today with PHP.

But from 31 on December 2018, PSN 5.6.x security updates will stop running, marking the end of any support in any version of PHP 5.x.PHP

This means that from 2019, approximately 62% of all webpages running PHP on 5.x will stop receiving security updates, exposing hundreds of millions of sites, and data.

"This will be a huge problem for the PHP ecosystem," Scott Arciszewski, Chief Development Officer at Paragon Initiative Enterprise, told ZDNet. "Many people think they can have PHP 5 in 2019. The simplest way to describe this option is: Negligence."

"It is possible that any significant, massively exploitable flaw in PHP 5.6 will affect all newer versions of PHP," Arciszewski added.

"But PHP 7.2 will receive some updates from the PHP team, free of charge, and in a timely manner."

It should be noted that although the PHP community has informed all concerned for some time, many of them are indifferent. Of the three major WordPress CMS, Joomla and Drupal - only Drupal has adapted its minimum requirements to PHP 7, and this will be the case from March 2019. The minimum requirements for Joomla continue to use PHP 5.3, while the minimum requirement of WordPress remains in PHP 5.2.


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