Pi Desktop: Raspberry Pi conversion kit on Linux desktop

The Premier Farnell Pi Desktop kit - the largest manufacturer of Raspberry Pi - includes an additional board containing: an mSATA interface, a smart power regulator (plus real-time clock and battery), a heat sink, a USB adapter (Micro -Type A), dividers and screws, all in one box to have it all.Pi Desktop

The company said the kit could help Raspberry Pi friends turn their Pi board into a "fully equipped Linux computer" in minutes, which can then be connected to a monitor via HDMI.

Premier Farnell said that when you combine the Raspberry Pi with a Des 39.99 Pi Desktop, you will have "all the functionality one would expect from a standard PC", although the Raspberry Pi 3 is a solid state drive and a camera will have to be purchased separately, and of course they raise the price.

According to Premier Farnell, using an SSD makes the system particularly durable. Starting Raspberry Pi directly from the SSD also enables a faster startup.

So far we have seen many projects aimed at turning Raspberry Pi into a desktop, including Pi Top.

But none give the performance you would expect from a high-tech laptop. It remains to be seen if Pi Desktop can do it really without the user having to make compromises.

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