Pinta 2.1 the Paint application for all operating systems

Pinta, the open source, multi-platform open source image design and editing software for GNU / Linux, Mac, Windows and BSD, has just been updated.

The Pinta app had stopped being updated for around 5 years, so it was a surprise to see the Pinta 1.7.1 release, which we saw on 22/11/2021. Today, the developers of the application, continuing the surprises, released version 2.1.


The new version brings some new features such as the ability to edit webp images (Linux users should first install the webp-pixbuf-loader ). This is a big update as the whole application was ported to GTK 3 and .NET.

Yes the application was written from the beginning in GTK 3 and .NET.


More at new version announcement page.

The application as mentioned above is available for almost all operating systems and you can download it from the official website:

For those who haven't connected the name Pinta comes from the application anagram Paint of Microsoft. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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