The pirated Talos Principle traps the players to the elevator

The Croteam game development company is mostly known for Serious Sam 3, but their latest game, Talos Principle, is likely to become even more popular. Those who have played Serious Sam 3 may know that developers were using tricks that prevented players from completing the game by using a pirated copy.The Talos Principle

A scorpion who was unable to "kill" appeared at some point in the game, following the players forever. Of course there was no way to get rid of it unless they bought a genuine copy of the game.

To Talos Principle, now. Perhaps few know that the Talos Principle has a similar trick, which prevents those who play pirated copies from completing the game.

This is not a surprise from Crotem's developers, and the joke is that some players believe the anti-piracy measure is actually a bug in the game that developers will have to fix.

What's the error? Those who use pirate versions of the Talos Principle are trapped in an elevator and are unable to get out of it. One of these players recently posted to Steam that he can not go ahead because he's trapped in an elevator:

“When I unlocked the 2nd floor tower, all the elevators stopped working. Every time I get someone, it stops right in the middle of the ride and I can do nothing. Is there anyone who has the same problem? What should I do;"

Obviously, it took more than two weeks to find out that Croteam was punishing players who used pirated versions of the game.

The joke is that a QR code near the elevator contains some tips for the pirated copies of the game, but if the mouse is found on it, otherwise it would be impossible to tell why you were trapped in the elevator.

If you have not purchased the Talos Principle, do not be surprised if you are locked in the elevator.

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