PirateSnoop Browser and censorship

PirateSnoop: While battling a ban on access to larger torrent websites in the world is continuing, another website came forward to fight the ban. copyright-pirate-flag PirateSnoopRARBG, one of the most popular torrent sites on the Internet, has just been released PirateSnoop, a free web browser designed to bypass online censorship on torrent sites.

File-sharing blocking is widespread in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is now almost impossible to access a top torrent website from any of the country's leading ISPs, with the remarkable exception of OldPirateBay as the site is still new.

Users in the United States also seem to be in trouble. The MPAA is reportedly working hard to introduce blocking sites in the current legal framework and probably will not stop until it does.

Already several Internet users around the world use VPNs for unlimited Internet access while many are looking for a free solution. Today we will introduce such a product.

In appearance, PirateSnoop is very similar to the popular Chrome browser. In fact, it's a little different as it contains a distinctive "pirate" button on the right side of its toolbar.

PirateSnoop is based on the free browser of SRWare Iron and aims to eliminate some of the privacy features in Google Chrome. PirateSnop then uses special extensions to enable site unblocking.

PirateSnop (PS) was created by a RARBG torrent site development team.
You can download it PirateSnoop from here (using BitTorrent, of course).

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