Pixlplay: transforms your cell phone into a children's camera

Pixlplay is a new device that turns your smartphone into a special camera designed for kids.


If you are a fan of the camera and you have small children who want to embrace them in the magical world of photography, then you will love the following product. It's about it Pixlplay, a special smartphone case that is inspired by the appearance of a classic 35mm camera. Within it you can place any Apple or Android mobile phone using the adjustable clamp. Then download and install Pixlplay on your mobile, and kids will almost inexpensively and in a simple way have a classic camera to experiment and have fun.

In particular, if you have forgotten in your drawer an old unused smartphone then you can give it life again as a high-tech toy for children. Of course, it is quite clear that the case protects your mobile from the mistreatment that children will get anyway.

The case will come in two different colors and feature an ergonomic rubber handle and a wrist strap, all specially designed to hold the camera with the tiny hands of a toddler. There is also a built-in screen protector that keeps water and dirt away from your phone's camera, and a shutter button that runs through the phone's headphone jack (iPhone 7 users are rather unhappy here).

On top of the case there is an optical viewfinder, and on the front surface you will also find a lens (which makes continuous clicking sounds) as well as a button that resembles what the camera arms by picking up the film.

The dedicated Pixlplay iOS application will provide children with ways to create, explore, and play with their images. The product is ePixl Toys and is currently in pre - order and Kickstarter.

If the goals are achieved and the project is successful, supporters will receive the Pixlplay for $ 25. The estimated shipping date is June 2017.

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