Plants of the World online: Library with all the plants

Browse Plants of the World online 1.113.000 plants from around the globe, with detailed 65.800 descriptions and 191.400 images.

Η Plants of the World online Kew Gardens, located in the Royal Botanic Gardens in London, England, houses one of the largest botanical collections in the world. Known for its preserved plant specimens, it offers its collection online, worldwide.

The Plants of the World online project was launched in March 2017 and plans to transfer its 250 years of botanical knowledge into an open and accessible library. The base is user friendly and accessible via desktop, mobile or .

The search functions are beautifully designed and easy to understand. These usually return images, illustrations and/or specimens, along with information such as the plant's Latin name, common name, habit, cultivars, appearance, fruit, uses and other data.

But it is not a simple plant identification database. If you are looking for information about plants and fungi, then this website is the place to be. The database is searchable by species, genus, family name, or any word that describes a plant. The language of the website is unfortunately only English. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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