Salt our food with plastic

Salt containing plastic? The problem of plastic pollution may seem too distant from our everyday life until we realize that literally we throw plastic on the plate we eat.

A new study which looked at 39 different brands of salt from around the world, discovered microplastic on 36 of them. The percentage reaches 92 per cent.salt

It is a strong reminder that our addiction to disposable plastics affects our ecosystems.

"Recent studies have found plastics in animals, marine animals, tap water and now salt", said in a statement Mikyoung Kim, of Greenpeace for East Asia, who collaborated in the study.

"It is clear that there is no escape from this plastic crisis, especially as it continues to flow through our waterways and oceans."

The amount of plastic in salt varies by brand and by country, according to the study, which was published this week in Environmental Science & Technology. There were three that did not contain any plastic and some with only 28 pieces of microplastic per kilogram (kilo) of salt. The very heavy cases had up to 13.000 pieces of microplastic per kilo of salt.

The diagram below shows the amount of microplastics per salt country of origin.

The concentration of plastic was higher in sea salt compared to mineral, or salt coming out of lakes. The highest levels were found in the Asian countries, with Indonesia having the highest concentration of microplastics.

Based on the above findings, researchers estimate that the average adult consumes 2.000 microplastic pieces each year only from salt.

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