Playstation 4.05 released kernel exploit, soon & jailbreak

The developer Specter just released a exploit of the kernel for the 4 Playstation that many were waiting for. It was published in Github a few hours ago, and states that it does not contain a trace of code that destroys mechanisms against piracy or homebrew execution.

However, it does contain a loader that will allow all of the above. :)

The Playstation 4 is obviously the best-locked hardware and software today. But with the so-called jailbreaking, owners can access everything the console forbids them. For example, Cydia, for Apple jailbreaked devices. Cydia's administrators were able to create an entire app store for iOS, which was free of Apple's limitations.

Of course, jailbreaking has become synonymous with breaking the fundamental copy protection, which allows any pirate software to run on all locked devices from mobile phones to modern game consoles. The other side of the same coin is that users can run the so-called homebrew code, that is, programs developed by hobbyists for purposes that do not violate copyright law.

Specter's announcement today was made with a Specter tweet, and says the exploit is available at Github, along with more details.

"In this project you will find the full implementation of the kernel exploit 'nameobj' for PlayStation 4 at 4.05," says Specter.

"Allows you to execute arbitrary code on the kernel to allow kernel-level jailbreaking changes to the system."

The news, of course, that the exploit may allow a jailbreak, excited the console's friends.

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