Plexamp from today for free, kind of

Το Plexamp, το πρόγραμμα αναπαραγωγής μουσικής που ξεκίνησε από τα Labs της εταιρείας πολυμέσων Plex, κυκλοφορεί πλέον , such as he said today the company.

The project first launched in 2017 as a Plex spin on the classic media player app , offering visualizations to accompany your tunes, mixing tools, and most recently, a ChatGPT-powered “Sonic Sage” feature that creates unique playlists from users' Music Libraries.


However, after the app expanded from desktop to mobile, it was only available to subscribers.

Now, Plex reports that the Plexamp app will be released for free, allowing users to play tracks from their own library or the TIDAL music streaming service with high-quality sound and support for lossless audio.

The app also features gapless playback with smooth transitions between tracks. In addition to Library Radio, a feature used to rediscover your music, users can create playlists with Plexamp to match their current mood: like intense, playful, sad, rowdy and more,” according to the company.

Of course, since nothing is as it seems, the Plexamp app will keep its more advanced features exclusively for those who pay. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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