Who put the server next to the tank?

Without e-mail services, websites and telephone, the Presidency of the Republic (of Cyprus) was operating until early morning, due to the water leak that occurred in a tank in the basement of the Ministry of Finance, which caused damage to the government servers.

Government Spokesman Constantinos Letympiotis reported to broadcast Alpha Update that telephone communications have been restored since early this morning, while at this time the Deputy Minister of Research and Innovation Philippos Hatzizacharias is attending a meeting with the relevant agencies, in order to consider the possibility of immediate movement of the equipment to the CYTA facilities, a decision taken by the Cabinet in November 2022.server tank

"The designs were unfortunate to say the least and I don't know if there were any protocols in place to manage such a crisis or a fire, issues that will currently need to be investigated. There is a decision of the Council of Ministers that needs to be investigated because it was not implemented and we are trying to investigate these and have them examined by the authorities. We see their reasons today, they are self-evident and should have been implemented yesterday. These are issues that cannot be left to chance"

According to Mr. Letympiotis, from the information received by the President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulidis himself, the data on the servers have not been damaged, while from the first moment he is in constant communication with the Deputy Minister of Research and Innovation. As he explained, technicians and officials are waiting for the area to dry out to determine the extent of the damage.

Mr. Letympiotis noted that an investigation has been ordered into the non-implementation of the government decision in November 2022 and into the fact that the risks of flooding or fire in the basement of the Ministry of Finance were not taken into account.

"The aim is to get the sites back up as soon as possible and to investigate why the risks of fire and flood in the same area were not taken into account, because no one can claim that this is the optimal way to operate these nerve-wracking machines. "

The image below was released immediately after the incident, but was denied by the Ministry.

Thank you Chrysa Koukouletsou for the information.

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