Who Writes Linux and Open Source Software?

Aiven, a cloud data, open source platform company, recently analyzed who is doing what with open source projects on GitHub. They found that the top open source contributors were all major technology companies: Amazon Web Services, Intel, Red Hat, Google and Microsoft.

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Aiven looked at three metrics in the GitHub archives. These were the number of contributors, the repositories (projects) they contributed to, and the number of commits made by the contributors. All of this was calculated using Google Big Query analysis of PushEvents on public GitHub data. The company found that Microsoft and Google were in first place. Red Hat is in third place, followed by Intel and then AWS, just ahead of IBM.

Red Hat follows closely behind and currently contributes more commits than Google, with 125.012 in Q2022 94.961 compared to Google's 128.247 commits. Microsoft leads both, with 5.757 commits. However, in terms of staff working on the projects, Google leads with 5.513 people compared to Microsoft's 3.656 and Red Hat's XNUMX…

Aiven isn't the only company to notice that the biggest tech companies are writing the code. Jonathan Corbet, editor-in-chief of Linux Weekly News (LWN), he found for Long Term Support Linux Kernel releases from 5,16 to 6,1 that only 7,5 percent of the code came from individual developers.

His article states:

"Innovation is at the heart of the open source community, but without strong commitment from companies, the entire system will struggle."

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  1. Right, but that doesn't give you the anonymity or "freedom" that Linux is hyped about.
    With the exception of imagining Tails & Kodaci maybe…. although I'm not too sure about them either.

    • you're anonymous to everything that doesn't have telemetry, as far as the companies or community writing the code is concerned. That's not the problem. linux is reliable, the issue is how you use it on the internet and the cloud. If you want a really secure linux try it Qubes, everything is sandboxed, even your internet connection.
      Basically the above os needs skills that not many have. But there are plenty of Linuxes that wouldn't risk their reputation by tracking end users. See debian.

  2. Well, the fairy tale that Linux frees you from Google, Microsoft, Aws & Big Brother is going for a walk....
    After all, we all think we have freedom....but in reality we have the freedom that ""they"" want us to have

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