Polaris from Microsoft: a Desktop for Everything

Polaris; In a previous post we talked for Windows Core OS, a "new" operating system being developed by Microsoft. Today we will see what else the company is preparing and specifically we will talk about the Polaris project.

But before we talk about Polaris we need to see what Composable Shell is, or C-Shell or CShell that is directly related to Windows Core OS.Polaris

To date, devices running variants of Windows have all their own desktops (UIs) in their operating systems. Desktops have the familiar desktop, Xbox One has the Xbox configuration panel, and Windows phones run a phone UI. All of these UIs are separate and part of the operating system of each device.

C-Shell will be a shared Shell (UI) running on Windows Core OS. This is a modular Shell for a modular operating system. This Shell can be adapted to the device type in real time. In other words, Microsoft can create a UI that adapts intelligently and automatically to the device you use as you use it.

For example, a future Windows Phone could have a phone UI, but also have a full Windows desktop if connected to a monitor. A gaming device can be instantly changed from the Xbox One dashboard to a Windows desktop.

At the moment this is impossible. The Windows desktop is part of Windows 10, and the Xbox control panel is part of the modern Xbox operating system. The desktop of mobile devices is not part of the Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

But with C-Shell on every device running Windows Core OS, the right UI will be applied.

Polaris is now the desktop for C-Shell and will likely look like the existing Windows 10 desktop.

C-Shell will include multiple "controllers", one for each UI type. Polaris will be the "composer" that will provide a desktop shell that fits any device. It's an important step, as Microsoft is reportedly developing Windows graphics with modern code.

Polaris is of course a big challenge for Microsoft, as the Windows Core OS with the Polaris desktop will need to run with traditional Windows desktop software (Win32).

Don't worry though: You won't have to upgrade. Microsoft says this operating system will only be for "new devices". In other words, Microsoft will not suddenly upgrade your Windows 10 running Windows Core OS to Polaris.

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