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The term "personal data" refers to any information that concerns an identified or identifiable natural person, i.e. information of natural persons, such as name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, communications, etc., which identify or can identify you.

The European Union promises to protect your personal data and respect your privacy. The policy for the protection of natural persons against the collection and processing of personal data is based on Regulation (EU) 2018/1725.


However, the right to privacy is not guaranteed for everyone and the right to protect personal data is not absolute as we will see below.

The contradiction

In modern society privacy is recognized as a major human right and is guaranteed by some legislative framework.

On the other hand, there is a strong pressure to collect information in the name of democracy and the control of behavior by the authorities. Thus, many times we observe the "legalization" of violations of the privacy of politicians and private citizens. Reinforcing the above contradiction are its provisions Maastricht Treaty and Schengen treaty.

Thus the state guarantor of our freedom and our privacy becomes the main "legal" violator of our individual rights.

Sales privacy

The privacy of political opinions has been a concern since voting systems appeared in antiquity. The secret ballot is the simplest and most widespread measure to ensure that political opinions are not known to anyone but the voters themselves.

Its use is almost universal in modern democracies and is considered a basic right of citizenship. In fact, even when other privacy rights do not exist, this kind of privacy should exist, although sometimes it is not possible. (Zetter, Kim (2018-02-21). “The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine” (in English). The New York Times. ISSN 0362-4331.)

H Cambridge Analytica was the data company working for Donald Trump's election campaign (in 2016). As part of its data harvesting work, Cambridge Analytica created Facebook apps that collected data from tens of millions of users without their consent. From analyzing this data, Cambridge Analytica provided Mr. Trump with specific suggestions to better reach the public (undecided and undecided) in order to become President.

This seems to be the case when every privacy policy is influenced by capital.

We have seen many examples, and we can recall flagrant violations carried out by large technology companies (Google, Facebook) or from security services (we don't say names).

What usually happens after a company or government secret agency discovers indiscretion is, at best, back-to-back media releases, a fine in the eyes of the world, and the follow-ups continue…

Because state machinery and private interests gain more than they lose. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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  1. Years ago, I was accused, prosecuted and fired from my job for allegedly breaching the personal data of a senior executive at the bank I worked for.

    In the pile of lawsuits filed against me by the bank and the executive, they alleged that I did something that would be impossible for me to do, since they were done with codes of the Teiresias system, third parties. Third parties who either witnessed my accusation, or -those who refused to lie against me (only one spouse refused) were BOTH prosecuted by the bank and the executive, while the "allies" of the bank and the executives, they weren't even fired, but some of them were lucky...

    But "life is a big whore" and:
    A) the bank lost in court, as did its executive,
    B) the vast majority of the defense witnesses for the two of them, either (some of them) apologized to me, or (others of them) came only once to the trials and then, in appeals and in repetitions of mine, they did not step,
    C) my main persecutor, the executive, when he lost what he had and didn't have of the money IN GAMBLING millions of € he had, he asked me for forgiveness and peace,
    D) the bank went bankrupt proving that it was -at least- fragile
    E) I didn't get a single cent in compensation and I'm still fighting it out
    F) I did not receive a single cent from the OAED due to the lawsuits filed against me by these two entities (banking company and its executive)
    G) the executive's entourage, financially disintegrated
    and many more...

    I am mentioning all this -probably off topic- according to some, for no other reason but to arrive at a detail, according to which: when I sent -after my complaints- to the bank i) financial Prosecutor's Office ii) SDOE, iii) financial police, the whole team that "visited" it for checks, the bank invoked THE PRIVACY POLICY and personal data and, after that, the Auditors, ... as they went - so they left ...
    Idle people! (and the destruction of the bank continued for 4-5 years, until the day when a cannon was fired).

    At the same time, I will mention the "privacy policy" invoked by the "big banking organizations" and their "protectors", regarding the data they sell ILLEGALLY to funds and collections. Illegally... "laws" have been issued to defend the "rights" of old people.

    In other words, soon, some new kid will type the word "hitler" (I write it with a lowercase "x" on purpose) and google will respond with: "Some results may have been removed under European data protection law." And he will not only say it to the example mentioned by me, Hitler, but also to contemporary grand lawyers, grand judges, bankers, fraudsters, vagabonds and in general to subhumans and subjects of common criminal law.

    Personally, I didn't regret anything that I struggled with, while at the same time, because as I said "life is a big whore" and because some... moved to the Lord (if God wills, let him forgive them, I can't) and because new, shocking, sickening, heinous criminal evidence has come to LIGHT, once again I have found in my life that the "directives" and "protectors", IN THE VAST MAJORITY OF THEM, are not protecting everyday people, but those who should (indulgently) be LIFE (in the full sense of the word) in prisons.

    George of iguru, if some concepts, words, "terminologies" and sayings, are contrary to this generally respected and beloved site that has Honored me in its own way, cut the entire comment.

    Postscript: maybe, soon maybe, there will be evidence that some "companies" that "find" citizens' data and punish them for their late installments, it will now be seen everywhere that they sell, give, use personal data for other purposes as well.
    From sales (see various electricity providers and large companies), to ... forex companies that call with fictitious voip phone numbers from London, Malta, Cyprus, etc. But this is a topic of discussion for another day and another "space".

    And yes ! THE DISCOMFORT OF EVERYTHING HAS TO END. But I keep my reservations about whether we will be able to see the sapling we planted become a tree", because of the finitude of our lives but also of those who "send" us as visitors in the early hours of the morning, those who do not want us to deal with their beastly monstrosities...

    Be that as it may, be that as it may, we are not one, two, five, ten. So: they will find us, just as they will find the seed we planted, in front of them! Across them.

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