Disable Polymer, the new YouTube appearance

Η Google has developed a new look for the video service UAF YouTube. This look, also known as Polymer, includes many enhancements, larger thumbnails, faster access to playlists, button icons, and more. But if you do not like it you can easily return to the old style.


The main changes of his new Polymer style UAF YouTube include:

  • Preview thumbnails have high-resolution video
  • There's a new feature called "Add to queue" to quickly create a video playlist.
  • The ability to exclude a specific channel from the recommendations displayed in UAF YouTube.
  • Change buttons.
  • New colors and bigger titles.

Polymer's new design is as follows:

While the old one is this:

If you do not like the change made in its design UAF YouTube, we inform you that the Google provides a special parameter, which can be added to the URL, and makes it easy to switch between the classic and modern visual style of the service.

To switch from one design to another do the following:
1.  Open a browser of your choice, e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. and visit it UAF YouTube using its normal URL https://www.youtube.com/

2. Now add? Disable_polymer = true at the end of the URL, that is, give the browser the address


And you will have its old, classic design UAF YouTube.

3. Setting disable_polymer to false will reset the new drawing. That is, you should use the following URL:


The above applies only if Google has already returned you to its new design UAF YouTube. If you still see the old one for an inexplicable reason known only to the company's developers, the above links will work instead. That is, with true you will see the new and with false the old !!!!!!

Extensions are available for Chromium-based browsers and for Mozilla Firefox. Note that the tricks mentioned in this post are available for as long as Google will retain the classic design. Sooner or later they will remove it, so it will not be so easy to change its appearance UAF YouTube.

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