Popcorn Time: No it is not resurrected, it only brings problems

As of yesterday morning, several articles were celebrating the "return" of Popcorn Time after its apparent disconnection a few years ago. But this is not true, as the newly released version does not work like the previous one.

In fact, for the new Popcorn Time there are a lot of complaints from users who are having a lot of problems that just didn't exist before.

popcorn Time

Before six years, Popcorn Time did something different, playing online content on a beautiful Netflix-type interface. This simplicity has resulted in the growing popularity of the application, which has caught the attention of copyright holders, who have done everything they can to stop it.

However, since the original code was open source, several new forks were created. Something similar happened yesterday when the application was supposedly revived with a new version. So many websites report, but that does not seem to be the case.

What really happened was that some developers created a fork of Popcorn Time and released version 0.4, announcing its release on Twitter.

popcorn Time

Unfortunately for them, the reaction was almost immediate. Users started reporting fork problems on sub-Reddit (/ r / popcorntime), starting with the degraded user interface, and moving on to various other weird issues, ended up in aggressive VPN marketing.

"This latest update is ridiculous. "It does not work, it consumes three times more resources and CPU just to pretend it is loading a show," one user wrote.

"To make matters worse, instead of giving you the right information about seeds, download speeds and more you need to know to understand if a torrent works or not, it only displays ads for a VPN shit."

Of course, the problems do not end here, as many users have reported that their previous settings and favorites have been deleted, and the application at some point "falls", unable to work.

After all the above, it would be good to uninstall the application and return to the previous version which does not have any of the issues mentioned and works as usual.

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Version 0.4 is the first update from 26 March of 2016 according to TorrentFreak, almost four years ago. The reason for the cessation of growth is not clear, but the return with an update that causes so many problems brings many questions.

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