Popcorn Time Ransomware unlocks your files if you infect others

Now Available Now: A new kind of ransomware with its own spreading program, is probably the kind you would not want to meet.

Malicious software called "Popcorn Time" locks Windows computer files using powerful AES-256 encryption, until you pay a ransom of one bitcoin (or $ 780 at today's exchange rate).Ransomware

But this ransomware is somewhat different from the others.

The lock screen will allow you to unlock your files in a "bad way". You need to connect with two other people you obviously do not like. If infected and pay, then the original victim will receive a free decryption key.

Infected users have seven days to pay the ransom in bitcoin in an anonymous wallet.

According to one Publication, the ever-evolving source code indicates that if a victim inserts the decryption code a little late, ransomware will permanently lock the files.

Ransomware has acquired a new version this week to encrypt more files: documents, images, music, desktop folders, and dozens of file extensions.

A series of screenshots released by MalwareHunterTeam, which discovered ransomware, show that criminals have a "good intention"

They say the money "will be used for food, medicine and shelter for those in need" in Syria.

"We are extremely saddened that we are forcing you to pay, but that is the only way we can survive.", reports the ransomware.

See tweet with screenshots of MalwareHunterTeam, which announced the new ransomware

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