PortScan 1.91 find all open ports on your network

Τι είναι το PortScan; The ports of a computer are used for communication in computing. The article will take on enormous proportions if we try to describe the technical details, but you can understand how they work if you consider that ports allow interactions with other devices.

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Common ports are: TCP 21 FTP, 23 port for Telnet, and the 80 port for the Hyperlink Transport Protocol (HTTP).

While it makes sense that some ports should be open on your system, to be able to use the above services and more. But you should often make sure that only the doors you need are open.

Ports or Ports can reveal information about services running on a device, if they are open, they allow third party connections.

The PortScan is a free portable Windows program that scans your network and displays all the open doors for each device it detects.


Advice: To find the IP address of a device you are using search for cmd.exe, run .exe, type ipconfig, and check the IPv4 address of the adapter listed there.

The program scans shared ports by default, something you can change from the scan type. The two other options provided give you the ability to scan all of your ports.

The scan is fast enough and the results are immediately displayed. Each device is listed with the IP address it uses, along with the hostname. A click on the device displays additional information that includes the Mac address of the device and all open ports detected during scanning.

What am I doing next?

One of the goals of PortScan is to check for open ports to determine if they need to be open. The best for your safety is to close all unnecessary ports.

An example: The 554 RTSP port is used by Streaming Protocol Real Time which uses the Windows Media for transmission services streaming. If you are not using Windows Media with this feature, there is no need to have the port open.

As you understand to close ports, you need to know which service or program it uses. If you do not know anything or have any doubts, an internet research or a test will show you.

We should mention that some ports, especially those with the five digits, can be accidentally used by programs. For example, if you run uTorrent, you will notice that many ports are continuously open.

You can download the application from the link below


Free Download PortScan.zip

Version 1.91 · 415kb · VirusTotal Report

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