How to buy Bitcoin safely!

More and more people are interested in Bitcoin over time, as more and more institutions and companies around the world adopt it as a payment option.

You may be interested because you believe in the original ideology of cryptocurrency. You might see it as a good investment and would like to save some Bitcoin for the future.

Whatever the reason for buying them, it is important to know how to avoid scams or scams. In this article, we will look at the safest options to buy Bitcoin without risk.

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What is the safest option to buy Bitcoin and why?

The safest way to buy Bitcoin is through Bitcoin ATMs. They have been operating since 2013 and there has been a huge increase in their use in the United States and the rest of the world. Bitcoin ATMs give users a way to avoid some of the barriers posed by online exchanges.

Below are some of the reasons why Bitcoin ATMs are the preferred choice for buying BTC among many users.

Greater security and privacy

Users must link their bank account details when using an online exchange to comply with banks' KYC / AML standards.

This means that online exchanges have full access to users' personal and financial data, creating a risk of theft and piracy. Not to mention the fact that some of these online transfers require the bank to certify your identity, which can take weeks.

Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with this, as anonymity is one of the main advantages of adopting Bitcoin from the beginning. In addition, some online exchanges disappear or turn out to be fraudulent the moment you deposit money into the account of each site.

Bitcoin ATMs offer users a new solution to the problems that arise from online services.

Despite its simplicity, the verification process is undeniable. In addition, some machines provide anonymity, allowing users to leave no trace of their transactions. These features increase security when it comes to encryption exchanges.

Faster transactions

Bitcoin ATMs are not only incredibly secure, but also provide a fast way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. When using online exchanges, the registration process can take a long time. As mentioned above, it may take weeks for your account to be verified and authenticated in some cases.

You will not experience any delays when using a Bitcoin ATM. You could make a secure transaction and get Bitcoin almost instantly without having to go through extensive verification procedures.


Many people are reluctant to buy bitcoin because they are afraid to use a cryptocurrency exchange. Some authentication procedures and elements can be difficult for those who do not consider themselves familiar with the subject. People feel more comfortable when interacting with a Bitcoin ATM because it works similar to the regular ATMs that are known to everyone.

BTMs are conveniently located in many parts of the city to make them as useful as possible for their customers. For example, sites with frequent and regular traffic, such as supermarkets and cafes, are often chosen to set up a Bitcoin ATM.

Ease of use

You will not have to worry about malware or complicated exchanges. You can use a Bitcoin ATM in the same way you use any other ATM. Only this time, you do not need to enter any bank details. All you need is a photo ID and a smartphone. When using these ATMs, all you have to do is follow an easy step-by-step procedure. You do not need to create an account or use an online wallet and you will not have to deal with public keys.

A QR code on your receipt contains the key, which can be read and identified by any standard Bitcoin wallet application.


Another advantage of Bitcoin ATMs is that they become widely available. This means that you will be able to make more and more trades over time. In the United States alone, there are currently over 28.000 Bitcoin ATMs. With new Bitcoin ATMs constantly appearing, there is a good chance you will find one near you (if it does not already exist).

What should you do after buying Bitcoin?

Once you buy Bitcoin, never give anyone your private key and recovery phrase, which are generated when you open a wallet. The private key is an alphanumeric string that encrypts your data and proves that it belongs to you.

Bitcoin wallets are used to store digital assets and some of them also allow you to buy, exchange or transfer bitcoins.

There are two types of wallets: hot wallets, which are connected to the Internet and are usually free and useful for BTC storage that you may want to exchange or spend in the near future, and cold wallets, which are a physical device that is not connected. with the Internet. A safer method for storing your cryptocurrencies and a better alternative for storing multiple cryptocurrencies.

Setting up two-factor authentication on your cryptographic wallets and applications is another security step you should seriously consider. Two-factor authentication offers an extra level of protection when you log in.


The Bitcoin market is becoming easier and more secure as the cryptocurrency industry progresses. It is an exciting "arena" that gives you access to cutting-edge technology that influences innovation in a wide range of businesses. Before investing, learn about the different ways to buy Bitcoin and in particular, the one we suggested above.

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