How to boost Bluetooth signal in Windows 11/10

If you work with Bluetooth and /11 και θέλετε να το σήμα να πιάνει λίγο πιο μακριά ή λίγο καλύτερα, τότε διαβάστε αυτόν το οδηγό για την βελτίωση του σήματος του Bluetooth.

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In the era of wireless communications and connections, Bluetooth is an important technology for connecting keyboard, mouse and . The more often you use it the more there will be times when you wish its signal was a little better.

But in Bluetooth there is a limit to its power watts for economy in power consumption and so it operates at a maximum distance of 10 meters and even without any hassle or interference between devices. If you are within its operating limits, ie at 10 meters, or if even at less meters you do not have good communication, see some tips for extending and amplifying its signal.

1. Update your Bluetooth driver

Always keep them informed του Bluetooth με τις πιο πρόσφατες εκδόσεις. Οι τελευταίες εκδόσεις το κάνουν να λειτουργεί καλύτερα, αφού συνήθως επηρεάζουν την λειτουργία του. Τα παλιά drivers with outdated operating mechanisms of a Bluetooth may also hinder the signal range.

2. Remove intermediate interference

For Bluetooth to perform at its best there must be no interference between the two devices connected via Bluetooth. The connected via Bluetooth use a 2,4 GHz radio frequency. WiFi also uses the same radio frequency. Therefore, you need to be a little away from the router (if it has WiFi on) so that it does not affect it and the Bluetooth signal works better.

3. Get a long-range Bluetooth transmitter

Bluetooth after receiving due attention from users, its manufacturers began to improve it more and more. It started with standard 1 and is now at 5.2. Its improvement also lies in the range of its signal.

The latest Bluetooth protocol in theory can theoretically reach 200 meters but with contact. Usually at 15 meters the breaks in the signal start and this also depends on the environmental conditions.

Αν μία από τις δύο χρησιμοποιεί χαμηλότερο πρότυπο τότε είναι και χαμηλότερης ποιότητας η επικοινωνία και για να καταφέρετε την σύνδεσή τους σε μεγαλύτερη απόσταση αλλάξτε αυτήν με το χαμηλό πρότυπο. Υπάρχουν πολλές συσκευές που διατίθενται στην αγορά με την τελευταία τεχνολογία Bluetooth για μετάδοση της συχνότητας σε μεγάλη απόσταση.

Especially the external Bluetooth adapters reach a distance that can not be traveled by the built-in Bluetooth transmitter of your computer.

4. Visualize your devices

As mentioned above, eye contact plays a big role in Bluetooth. If you can, along with buying an external bluetooth adapter that is usually connected to a usb port, also buy a usb extension, so that you can place the adapter not behind a desktop computer but somewhere high up, with visual contact, then things will be very better.

After all, a usb extension cable costs almost nothing.


Why is the Bluetooth range so small?

Bluetooth started and remains as a technology for low speed packet exchange over a short distance. The profit; Low consumption έτσι ώστε να μπει και να λειτουργεί συνεχόμενα σε μικρές συσκευές που διαθέτουν μικρής χωρητικότητας , such as your wireless headphones, hands free, etc.

So the power of Bluetooth is much lower than wiFi, but also its power consumption, although both use the same frequency of 2,4 GHz. With all these limitations, the operating distance of Bluetooth is quite small.

How many devices can connect up to one Bluetooth?

The number of devices that can be connected to a Bluetooth varies depending on the version. The latest Bluetooth versions 4.1 and 5 can allow you to connect up to 7 different devices. But it can only use one device at a time. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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bluethooth, wifi, wi-fi

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