How to bring an IT to a state of despair

Do you want to pursue a career in IT? Do you imagine yourself in the technical support of the computer systems of a large company? Or even worse, are you already working in such a position? Then you will have to have enormous patience.

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The strengths of a person who works in the field of IT and telecommunications and who comes into daily contact with customers and employees are not only their technical knowledge.

This is the least. he should have fluency, politeness, knowledge of psychology, determination, compassion towards his fellow human beings and generally be a "Zen type".

How would you feel if they sent you the email below demanding that their problem be solved immediately, why can't the employee continue their work?

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Answers of the type $#%^%&$ are prohibited. Don't even think about complaining to the manager of the employee in question, because simply as an unrelated person, the email question will seem normal to him.

Technically, however, everything is possible. Since excel does not keep history for security reasons, the movement of the specific computer should be searched in a messy log file of the company's internal network. Be strong! The Best Technology Site in Greece
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