How to translate a PDF

Do you want to translate a PDF file into your language? Use Google Translate online or DeepL Translator or Microsoft Word. See how.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader is a popular PDF reader, but unfortunately does not offer the option of translating documents. Therefore, you should rely on another option such as Word or various online options.

The ability to copy-paste the texts of a pdf file and translate them into a translator is not a good idea, because it does not give you the full sense of the appearance of the file, with the photos, the layout, etc.

Instead you can see the pdf file translated into your language and fully paged and aligned, just as it was in its original version. This way you will not "lose" the meaning, and you will have a much better understanding of what is written, even if the translation is not perfect.

And you can do all this online without having to install an application, using the Google Translate website or the DeepL Translator website, which we think is better.

1. Translate a PDF with DeepL Translator
a. Open a Browser you want and go to DeepL Translator page. Click on "Translate Files".

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deepl trannslator 1

b. Click the "Button"select form your computer”And select the pdf file you want to translate.

c .You will receive the following notice:

Data privacy notice
For technical reasons, your PDF will be sent to Adobe Inc. in the US. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

If you do not have a problem with Adobe seeing your pdf (which one will see anyway after you submit it online), click on Confirm.

d. In “Select target language”Select the output language of your file and then just wait for the file βει to load Όταν .. When done, just download the translated PDF file and view it. Do not be afraid to save it in the same folder as the original, as the translated one has a slightly different name.

See below the initial and final pdf file:
deepl trannslator 2


2. Translate a PDF with Google Translate
a. To use the Google Translate method, first open a browser on your computer and go to Google Translate site.

google translator 1

b. At the top of the site, click on “ΈγγραφαBecause you want to translate a PDF document.

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c. On the Documents tab, select the input-output languages ​​of your PDF. If you're not sure, let Google recognize the input language by selecting "Language recognition".

d. Click on “Browse your computer”To upload your PDF to the site. Click the "Button"Translation”To start translating your PDF file.

e. You will see the translated version of the PDF in your browser window.

See below the initial and final pdf file:
google translator

As you can see, Google left its mark on "Machine translated by Google", Which is not the best.

3. Translate a PDF with Microsoft Word
If you want to get a translated PDF file, you can use Microsoft Word. In this method, open your PDF with Microsoft Word, convert it to docx format, translate it with Word translator, and then save the translated file again in PDF.

A small disadvantage of using this method is that the original PDF format may not be preserved.

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