How do you like the new Facebook?

This morning a surprise awaited me by opening a Facebook page. The page did not open as expected.

A frame appeared asking me to choose between a light and a dark theme. In previous publication We had announced the addition of the dark theme to the desktops, but apparently the company did not give the new look to everyone.

As of today, the new look came to Greece, not only to those who chose it from the settings, but for everyone.

I did not go crazy with the new Facebook, but like any change it takes time. Of course as soon as I saw that there is an option that allows me to go back to the older version of the page, I decided to give the time needed for this change, a little later.

In case you change the theme to see the older version an evaluation box will appear asking you the following:

How do you like the new design, we would like to know in the comments.

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