How to kill an armed robot dog

On July, A video of a robotic dog armed with a submachine gun strapped to its back has been terrorizing the internet.

gun dog

Now a hacker posting on Twitter as KF@d0tslash and on GitHub as MAVProxyUser has discovered that the bot contains a kill switch. "Good news!" d0tslash says on Twitter.

“Remember that robot dog with the gun!? Built by @UnitreeRobotic. Apparently all you need to throw it down is @flipper_zero. PDB has a backdoor at 433mhz.”

Σε ένα βίντεο, ο d0tslash έδειξε ένα από τα σκυλιά ρομπότ της Unitree συνδεδεμένο σε ένα τροφοδοτικό. Μια hacking συσκευή πολυεργαλείων Flipper Zero, τύπου Tamagotchi, η οποία μπορεί να στέλνει και να λαμβάνει ασύρματα σήματα σε RFID, Bluetooth, NFC και άλλες ζώνες μπορεί με ένα κουμπί να εξοντώσει τον σκύλος ρομπότ και να τον ρίξει στο έδαφος.

d0tslash got his hands on one of the dogs and started looking through the documentation when he discovered something very interesting. Each dog has a kill switch for remote shutdown. The switch is connected to the power distribution panel, which routes power from the battery to its various systems.

The kill switch listens for a specific signal at 433mhz. If it hears the signal, it stops the robot. Some of Unitree's robot dogs even come with a wireless remote control that stops the machine.

d0tslash used Flipper Zero to simulate shutdown by duplicating the signal the bot receives at the 433 MHz frequency.
Anyone with a Flipper Zero or similar device can stop these robot dogs, For more details read on Github. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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