How to crack a network with WEF

In our today's guide, we will show you how to crack a wifi password with the WEF program.

WEF is a fully Offensive Framework program for networks with 802.11 protocols where it supports different types of attacks for WPA/WPA2 but also WEP, it also includes automatic hash cracking, bluetooth exploitation and many other functions.

Finally it is tested in Kali Linux , Parrot OS , Arch Linux in the upcoming years, while Ubuntu


I will get straight to the point since we have already presented and analyzed this specific program here.

The attack we will perform is called PMKID Attack. Simply put, we will receive from someone connected to the given user network the handshake and then automatically break it with Hashcat.

To begin with, what we should do is to activate the network interface in monitoring mode.


We will choose the option 7 first and then the selection 4 to begin our attack.


The choice 4 it will show us the networks that are in our range and we will have to choose which of them to attack.


As you can see we have chosen our third option and we are ready to attack this particular network.


The handshake download has just completed successfully.

In our next and last step it asks us if we want to break the handshake.

We choose y and we wait for our attack to be completed.

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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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  1. Hello fine
    In order to test something, it must already be working, right? ;)
    I don't know if it worked for others, but I keep getting this "loop"
    WiFi] Choose an option > 4
    [*] Your card is not in monitor mode.
    [*] Please before doing any attack press the Start network card option
    [WiFi] Choose an option > 7
    [+] Network card already in monitor mode
    [WiFi] Choose an option > 4
    [*] Your card is not in monitor mode.
    [*] Please before doing any attack press the Start network card option
    [WiFi] Choose an option >
    You mean that the tests are done with an external *wireless" card, which otherwise works perfectly.
    Now that's because it constantly brings it up, while the first time I run it, it tells me, everything is ok, but then it does the above to me, does anyone know?

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